Stitch & Hide is a global leather accessories label that fuses classic, simple design with the laid back vibes of Byron Bay. Today our eco-friendly designs are taking on big adventures around the world.

For the down-to-earth, eco-conscious consumer with a minimalist style.

For you, every day.


At Stitch & Hide we challenge the concept of 'fast fashion' and unsustainable consumer practices. At every step, people and planet come before profit. We choose to be curators instead of consumers and when times get tough, we don't walk away, we work harder.

With every collection, we draw inspiration from our community of unique personalities, adapting and applying their needs, wants, and desires to our designs. And while every single one of our products comes with their own personality, they all share the same purpose: to be your lifestyle companion, wherever your journey takes you.

Our mission? Good people + Good practices. We are for people, places and for our planet.


A bag or wallet isn't just a seasonal accessory that lives in your wardrobe, it's your daily companion - the first thing you look for and the last thing you ever want to lose. That's why we believe in crafting timeless pieces that go beyond just one season or a reason.

Our Stitch & Hide products are made from premium leathers by the hands of highly skilled craftsmen. Our purpose? To create eco-certified leather goods that will always be by your side, going the distance and helping you to lighten the load.


Meaningful relationships are at the heart of everything we do. We understand that relationships are built on trust, empathy, integrity and kindness.

It's all about the people we surround ourselves with - from our leather craftsmen in India to our Byron Bay-based team of creatives including our incredible international community of loyal customers.

That's why our team enthusiastically supports the artisans who bring our collections to life. We encourage our creative team to explore the world, far and wide so you our customer can share in their experiences.

And above all, we value you and the wider community who have supported us from day one.

Our motto? People first, fashion second. Always. It's all about you - our crew, our people.