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5 Mins With: Fran Doll

5 Mins With: Fran Doll
5 Minutes with Fran Doll – Through Rose Coloured Glasses 
We first met Fran Doll on a gloomy and grey Tuesday way back in April for a festival styling collaboration ready for Bluesfest 2018 at the Mr Vintage warehouse in Byron Bay. Her warm humor and bright, contagious smile lifted our spirits the moment she arrived and we were instantly laughing from her real-life travel and influencer stories. 
Her sultry cool-girl alter ego portrayed through her Instagram page @throughrosecolouredglasses exudes a fearless confidence and is a stark difference to the sweet, graceful girl we met on the day. Her unique style and beauty goes beyond everyday trends and we are all secretly envious about her recent jet setter lifestyle to LA for Coachella festival, Bali and Sydney – she is definitely a girl to watch. 
We caught up with Fran to find out what she’s been up to:
Tell us a bit about yourself? 
I’m a bit of a jack-of-all-trades I guess, haha. I am a business owner, entrepreneur, model, influencer and travel agent all in one. So, in short form... busy!
Describe a typical day?
I lead a double life as many say, haha. Weekdays I get up early and go for a walk along my home beach of Burleigh Heads, I literally live 300 metres so it’s a great way to start the day, or I go and train HIIT / Weights with Mia my personal trainer. I then shower, eat a pre-prepared breakfast on the go and rush to work to spend the day in my office organising holidays for clients. On my breaks I eat, reply to as many emails as I can and catch up on social media, I do this after work also and spend the evening editing images that have been shot over the weekend which leads me to my next part. On weekends my partner Luke and I get up early hit the gym and then we come home, shower and spend the morning shooting and getting our errands and collaborations that have been organised - done. We spend the afternoon doing the chores before we go out to dinner or an event with friends. But that’s pretty much my life to a T.
Who influences and inspired your style?
Personally, I have always had music heavily influence the way I dress. My Dad was a rocker from way back and my partner Luke plays bass guitar in a band, so I find inspiration in the lifestyle that comes with that. My Mum was a beauty queen, and my Aunty was a high fashion model who lived in Paris and New York during the whole Supermodel era in the 90’s, so their influence of garments and designers in general has also rubbed off on me. I am often inspired by the people I meet or see online; social media has been an incredible platform for connecting people from all parts of the world and all walks of life.
You visited California for Coachella this April - What was your biggest highlight at the festival? 
I know majority of people who went will say the same thing, but I’m going to have to say Beyoncé. Hands down Queen Bey live with Destiny’s Child was more than my young teenage self could ever have dreamt of. Phenomenal artist, a true performer. The outfits, the big band, the stage production, the choreography, and her body.... OMG her body!
You work in travel, where is your favourite spot to visit again and again around the globe? 
I’ve been fortunate enough to visit some incredible destinations with social media and my travel role. I am definitely going to have to say Indonesia, not just Bali but the whole of Indonesia which is massive and has so much to offer. I also love the USA (mainly LA), which is another reason of everywhere I have travelled that I keep going back yearly to these places.
Any tips and tricks to stay fit and eat healthy when travelling?
I try to get up early and at least go for a walk, I’m often usually busy running around seeing friends and booked for shoots, so I try to get moving at least to start the day off. If there’s a gym at the hotel I stay at I train there but sometimes it’s hard when I’m so busy! With my nutrition, it’s hard to stay on my regular diet whilst on the road. Especially in America! Haha. So much variety and a lot of burgers, bagels and donuts! None of which are allowed on a Keto style diet but it’s impossible to be so strict so I allow myself to enjoy the food and travel knowing it’s only temporary and I can go back to routine when home. I’m a massive fan of In N Out!
What essentials do you carry in your bag at all times?
I always have my iPhone, a charge cord and a spare recharge battery back (a blogger always needs battery), some oil blotting papers, Lucas Pawpaw Ointment, Aesop Resurrection Hand Cream, Aesop Flight Therapy (really good for travel), Mints, Aesop Hywl Fragrance (notice a theme here) and my Canon G7X point and shoot camera for when I want to shoot anything in higher quality than my phone.
Daily Mantra?
To realise how precious life is, and to wake up each and every day with a grateful heart, remembering that kindness starts with me and it must be offered even when it’s not returned. 
Some people know I’m quite spiritual and many others don’t. It’s so so important to have an attitude of gratitude ✨
Make sure to give Fran a follow on @throughrosecolouredglasses and her style, travel and beauty journey.

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