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A Bag For Every Occasion

A Bag For Every Occasion
From the crystal-clear crashing waves at Wategos beach to the skyscraper skyline of Sydney, from a day in the office to a girls night out on the town, we have a leather bag for just about every occasion. For you, every day.

Tote Bags

Can we all agree that leather tote bags are the easiest accessory in the world? Not only do they look good, but they also fit all the essentials and they’re the key minimalist fashion piece we all need in our closets.

The Emma Leather Tote is made with our eco-tanned earthy toned classic collection leather. The minimalistic style of it makes it the perfect versatile leather bag for any kind of day you decide to have. Fitting a laptop, gym clothes, or beach supplies- it’s the ideal companion for any sort of adventure.

Our beautiful Georgia leather tote is the staple piece we didn’t realise we needed until we had her. With the raw leather interior and an eco-certified buttery leather exterior, she’s a thing of beauty.

Crossbody Bags

Crossbody bags are the most subtle yet understated accessory. Dressing up or dressing down, a crossbody always elevates the outfit with ease. And now with our selection of straps available, you can customise your crossbody to fit your mood and outing. Holding all the necessities a gal could need, our collection of crossbody leather bags has something for everyone.

Showing off a retro-esque boxy body and a minimalist eco-certified leather look, the Taylor has just enough playfulness to wear while running errands or heading out to an engagement party.

The Avalon hails from our washed leather collection and is the ideal leather bag when you need to carry a bit more than the normal keys, wallet, and phone situation. Its soft washed leather and laidback design makes it the unquestionable go-to on adventures big and small.

The Alexa is a satchel-styled crossbody leather bag, full of sass and practicality. From the tassel zip pull to the simplistic style, she’s a no-brainer when pairing her with your favourite outfit.

The Berlin is the bag for international travel. With its beautifully washed leather exterior and generous interior with multiple compartments, all you need to do is sling it over your shoulder and start exploring.

Saddle Bags

Our leather saddle bags are here to stand the test of time. The rustic style of the saddle bag is a definite way to elevate an outfit- and if you were thinking of pairing it with a cute pair of riding boots, we absolutely approve.

The Charlie has that beautiful capability to match just about every outfit. With her lack of frills and subtle nature, the eco-certified leather saddle bag is a much-needed accessory for anyone’s closet.

Who ever said that backpacks need to look boring? Surely not us. Our range of full-grain, eco-tanned backpacks do not compromise on style. Whether it’s your work backpack or your adventure backpack, you can be sure that they’ll always stand out- in the best way.

Our globe-trotting gal, the Hamburg, is made with eco-certified washed leather and ample room for your belongings. Featuring zip pockets for your valuables and adjustable shoulder straps, this leather backpack is here for all sorts of missions.

The Willow eco-certified leather backpack is a compact bag ready for whatever life throws at us. She’s a bit smaller than the Hamburg, but still packs a punch. The Willow is made from our core leather line, with compartments and pockets a’plenty- ready for a day in the office or out on the trails.

Sling Bags
These stylin’ leather accessories are all the rage at the moment, and who can blame them? Having all of your important belongings right there in front of you, while looking cute as hell, is a dang luxury. This is the upscaled leather version of your mumma’s bum bag and we are here for it.

The Bailey is the classic bum bag with an eco-certified leather twist. She sits pretty being worn across the body and turns any outfit into something fun. With several colours to choose from, this leather sling bag begs to be your best pal on the dancefloor, hiking trail, and for a day out in the city.

Inspired by the vintage camera bag, this washed leather sling bag is the most stylish way to carry your essentials. Wear it across the body or over your shoulder, either way it’ll have you turning heads.

St Kilda
With its subtle design, this unisex washed leather sling bag is the go-to for festival season or for a simple bike ride down the river. With ample room for the essentials, all you need to do is sling it over your shoulder and away you go.

Clutch Bags
Made to accentuate any outfit, our clutches are ready for anything- from the mundane to the glamorous. Essentially a classy version of a big pocket, our line of eco-certified leather clutches are exactly what you need for a night out on the town.

The Madison is a multi-purpose kinda gal. She can be worn as a clutch or, if paired with one of our leather straps, as a crossbody. A newer piece to the collection, she’s simple yet makes a statement no matter how she’s used.

A staple in the wardrobe, the Cassie leather clutch is the perfect addition to any outfit. From day trips to nights out, her simple and sleek style proves to be a winner no matter the occasion.

With a little twist on the modern leather clutch, the washed leather process makes the Malibu a standout piece with any outfit change. With room for the necessities, this boho leather clutch is a necessity itself.

Shoulder Bag

How do shoulder bags just automatically make us look super chic and stylish whilst putting in minimal effort? We don’t know but we definitely aren’t complaining. Our leather shoulder bags are a thing of effortless beauty. Made with eco-certified leather, they provide ample room for just about anything you need.

Santa Monica
The Santa Monica is as versatile as a leather shoulder bag can get. Dress her up and she’s a classy statement piece to any outfit. Dress her down and she’s cute and casual. Fitting just about everything you need and more, her washed leather beauty will leave you wanting more.

Frankie is the leather hobo bag a bag lover needs in their collection. She’s a lil’ bit sassy, a lil’ bit sweet, and the best companion a boho lovin’ gal could ask for. With ample room for necessities, this shoulder bag is the perfect go-to.

Hand Bags
Hand bags, hand bags, hand bags… The iconic fashion accessory, am I right? I don’t think any woman has a complete wardrobe without at least one of these staples. Paris Hilton made them a die-for trend in the early 2000’s, Stitch & Hide are continuing that here in the 2020’s.

Our Heidi is super playful, but partner her up with a sexy outfit and she can fit the mood just as easily. With Gold-Rated, eco-certified soft leather, this piece in the classic collection is just that- classic.

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