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Advanced Wastewater Recycling in Our New Tannery

Advanced Wastewater Recycling in Our New Tannery
We are proud to partner with our newly sourced and highly respected leather tannery who have put into place advanced wastewater treatment recycling technologies and solar powered systems that dramatically reduce the environmental impact in leather production.

At Stitch & Hide we care about how each and every one of our leather products are made, who makes them and how they affect the environment. Minimizing our negative environmental impact and a responsibility towards our ecological footprint is important to us.

Every one of our leather wallets or bags matter to us, we take care with the whole process from the design, stitching, leather and to the finished quality and we believe that everyone in our design, supply and production chain should be treated with the upmost respect and dignity.

We are constantly improving our processes and work closely with our factories and tanneries to ensure transparency and respect throughout our supply chain for everyone involved, whether it’s in the tanning of our leathers or the sewing and construction of each Stitch & Hide leather product.

How We Recycle Waste Water

The Textile and Leather industry uses large amounts of water in the manufacturing and tanning process - to clean, dye and rinse the hides. The byproduct of these processes is grey waste water, and when not recycled correctly can seep into waterways affecting the surrounding environment.

Using their own effluent treatment plant (EFP), our new leather tannery recycles 94% of waste water through the reverse osmosis plant, into fresh water, all of which is sent back to be reused in the leather production process. The remaining 6% waste water is evaporated using a solar powered system until crystallized into a salt. This ensures zero liquid waste is left at the end of each treatment cycle. The name of this total process is Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)

Every detail has been carefully worked through in the design, supply and production process to create the finished Stitch & Hide pieces that you know and love. And we will continue to strive towards making the best quality product possible for you and for everyone involved.  

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