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As seen On You: Chelsey

As seen On You: Chelsey
Chelsey Rouen is the epitome of dreaminess, the kind of gal who enters a room and makes it softer, brighter and a little lighter. She recently took to the cliff sides of Sydney to partake in some reading, ocean-gazing, and nature immersion. She brought along our lucky Byron Bay based leather goods for the adventure. Chelsey captured the essence of our products in the purest of light, showing us you can truly take our leather bags, clutches, and wallets anywhere… no matter the occasion. 
We couldn’t think of a more wonderful way to use our new Georgia leather tote, than as a vessel to carry books for a sunset read by the ocean. Made with soft eco-certified leather and constructed with a minimalistic design, the Georgia has plenty of room for all of your treasures. She’s your go-to travel companion for all of life’s adventures, whether mundane or exhilarating.



The Hamburg leather backpack has the unique ability to be practical, while looking incredibly classy while doing so. It’s the kind of backpack that wouldn’t dare to subtract from a great outfit, but rather adds subtle style when it’s needed. Created with maximum space for all of your touring needs, this is the leather backpack you’ll never want to live without. 


With the rich and earthy tones of our classic collection, the Cassie leather clutch is the type of piece that works for any occasion- including dreamy cliff walks at golden hour. With eco-tanned, eco-certified leather and enough space to fit your valuables, the Cassie is an essential for any kind of occasion.

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