July 25, 2018

Set along the scenic harbour of The Rock’s in Sydney and in close proximity to the magnificent Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House, we found it particularly fitting to shoot our newest Washed Leather collection. The beautiful beaches of the city has inspired the styles this season, naming them after Avalon, Bondi and Shelly Beach.  
This versatile collection celebrates the luxurious washed leather in our earthy, yet metropolitan colour wheel and designed for the busy city girl.
We had an amazing time shooting along the cobbled streets and charming cafés in the midst of a bustling Sydney, with a great team of talent who worked tirelessly from sunrise to sunset to bring our vision alive.
A huge thanks and big shout out to The Russell Hotel at The Rocks for their outstanding hospitality and their “nothing’s to much trouble attitude” throughout our stay, and to these rock stars who helped bring the images to life.
Hair & Make Up:
And our photography team:
We thought it was the perfect opportunity to discover a bit more about Scott Lowe, our lead legend of a photographer; what inspires him, his career highlights and what a day in the life of a fashion photographer looks like.
Tell us a bit about yourself and how you started in the photography world?
I tried all kinds of things from painting and music to graphic and industrial design but landed in photography because it had the honesty I was searching for, from there I landed in fashion because of my love of characters and storytelling.
What does your typical day look like on a shoot? 
Wake up in the dark, head somewhere beautiful to meet up with a bunch of talented humans with the sole purpose of collaborating to create unique and iconic imagery. First shot, I always start with my favourite outfit. This shot sets the tone for the entire shoot so I like to take my time getting it right. Adjust the grade, make it all feel right on screen then let the day flow. 
Lunch we get to sit down together as a motley crew and share stories and adventures from other times and reflect on the work we’ve done that morning. We meet properly any new people and hear their thoughts and ideas. We become a team.
The flow continues after lunch and we begin to see the fruits of our labour uncovered as the holes in the story are filled and the work becomes a series. I always find it sad to wrap, always feel like the light’s about to do something amazing and we should reshoot that questionable fourth outfit we rushed in before lunch or something but inevitably there’s a stylist or a model who has somewhere to be so I call it and everybody parts ways for their other lives. My other life includes finalising edits and grades, retouching and sending files while I'm trying to make dinner and drink some well-deserved wine.
You recently collaborated with Stitch & Hide to shoot our new Washed Leather Campaign – describe your photography style and what inspires you?
An honest curation of my curiosities. 
Truth, sincerity, compassion, action and completion inspire me. I live in the present moment as much as possible so I’m constantly inspired by details around me. Perception provides pieces which join together in my visual meditations to become complete ideas. Basically, daydreaming with purpose using imagery from the everyday.
Any memorable or fun locations / campaign shoots you have worked on you can share with us? 
So many!
Working for in New York for five years, two of those as Patrick Demarchelier’s assistant gave me fantastic insight, taught me many lessons and provided many stories.
One super fun fact from that time is that Carine Roitfeld is the only person still allowed to smoke in the studio and she’ll be handed her coffee, light a new cigarette and take a puff then pick up her coffee mug from the saucer and replace it with the cigarette she just lit and walk away to do something. She’ll do this 4 or 5 times and the little smoking sculptures become art to me all burning or totally burnt cigarettes scattered on saucers around the studio, the ash remaining in perfect, uninterrupted cylindrical form. I always thought if I get the chance to shoot Ms Roitfeld I’d use those beautiful, honest, accidental art pieces which tell the story of feeding a genius brain. 
One of my clients, Sunday Somewhere used to fly us around the world to shoot, we did the usual suspects for an Australian born eyewear label first; Sydney, Byron Bay, Bali… The pictures were really beautiful and we had built a nice solid bank of work but then the adventures really began. For the next few campaigns we shot first light in the hills above Laguna Beach in LA, then a rooftop in Brooklyn, NY overlooking Manhattan, sunset at Scala Del Turchi, Sicily and out with the Bedouin and dromedaries in the desert outside of Marrakesh!
You are based in Sydney, what are your top spots to visit, hang or eat?
My place, I make delicious food! 
I usually hang at Gordon’s Bay in the summer and other smaller, less crowded beaches. Mostly I really love when we’re shooting location and I get to thoroughly explore the lesser known small parts of the big city.
3 things you want to tick off your bucket list?
The first would have to be make a bucket list.
Daily Mantra?
Remain curious, kind, true to myself and productive.

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