August 26, 2015

For the launch of our women's  Classic Collection earlier this year, we were lucky enough to work with LA based photography/cinematography duo Vanessa Smith (@nessta) and Maggie Davis (@maggie_davis). With the recent re-release of the Collection, and the addition of the Jesse Classic, we got back in touch with Ness and Maggie for an insight into the Classic Collection campaign and some awesome BTS insight into the world of these talented chicks stamping their mark on LA's creative scene.

Who are Smith-Davis?

We're a photo and video team with 15+ years collectively shooting for top television networks and brands globally. Combining photo and video services under one umbrella, we offer seamless campaigns and shoots both in concept and aesthetic.

What do you do?

We do commercial, editorial and music photo-shoots and video clips from concept to execution. We're all about seamless photography and cinematography to create a aesthetically cohesive campaigns and brand stories. 

What was your vision for Stitch & Hide?

We came up with the aesthetic for the stills by reflecting on what 'classic' means to us and how to best visually execute on brand for Stitch & Hide. When we think classic, we think simple, black + white, clean, jazz, everlasting or timeless style. For the video, we were thinking again, " do we best communicate this classic women's line through moving image whilst preserving the same aesthetic portrayed in the stills"? Because drumming tends to be a very male dominated field and instrument, we thought what is cooler than a classic chick ripping on the drums? The beat is a beautiful jazz riff so it ties in nicely to the classic tone we were going for. 


Check out Ness and Maggie in action at @ astroeticstudios in Los Angeles. Here's behind the scenes filming the clip with model @kateparfet and epic drummer @blondescarlet. Loved this all girl compilation, just killing it in the name of Stitch & Hide. 

Photography & Cinematography: @nessta and @maggie_davis

Model: @kateparfet

Drummer: @blondescarlet

Location: @ astroeticstudios Los Angeles, California

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