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Caring For Your Leather

Caring For Your Leather
Feeling fine and looking divine is as important for us as it is for our leather.
We can all relate to the feeling of enjoying too much sun, too many long, hot showers and neglecting our skin.

The point is, we all need a lil tender loving care from time to time to freshen up and maintain our shine, and so does our leather.

Just as important as looking after our leather is being a conscious world citizen so we are proud to let you know that all Stitch & Hide products are made with eco-certified leather by our LWG audited partners in Tamil Nadu India.

After long hauls of being carried around and thrown to the ground, taken along to nonstop meetings, covered in sticky little fingers - and is that the slight texture and scent of smashed banana?

What about the humble leather clutch and “can’t leave the house without” leather wallet. These guys are tough but do it tough! Constantly being squished into pockets and thrown around bars, cars and into bags.

So, what better way to say thank you than a quick little brush down or a nice refreshing condition, to bring our leathers back to life and give our “can’t live without” companions a little treat.

We’ve currently got four beautiful finishes to our leathers, which are all resilient and don’t ask for much, just once or twice a year for your loving touch!
Our current collections are available to you in:

Our Core collection leather which is buttery soft, resilient to marking and stays looking newer for longer.

Our Classic leather collection, which has a satin like look, ages softly over time and is smooth and sleek.

The Washed leather finish which looks worn-in and well-loved. Has highlights of natural textures and breaks which makes this leather uniquely its own.

Our Heritage range has a natural, velvet like texture. This leather ages gracefully and is designed to change.

And last but not least our Classic for men also smooth to touch. It is of natural beauty and ages gently with use.

Wherever life takes you we’ve always got your back! So, we’ve developed a universal leather cleaner to take care of the little things, so you can enjoy the big ones!

Follow the steps below:
•  Wipe down your goods to remove any dust particles.
•  Apply a small amount of conditioner to a soft, lint-free cloth.
•  With small, circular motions work the conditioner into the leather evenly.
•  Leave an hour for drying and assess if a further coat is needed.
•    Allow up to 24 hours for your goods to cure before using them again.
 •  Always test a hidden area first before you begin a full condition.

Stitch & Hide leathers styled your way. For everybody and everyday.

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