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How To Care For Your Vegetable Tanned Leather Goods

How To Care For Your Vegetable Tanned Leather Goods

How to care for your Stitch & Hide leather product

Now that you have just invested in a beautiful and timeless Stitch & Hide vegetable tanned leather bag, wallet or belt, you will want to keep it looking new for many years to come. Leather can keep its look and patina for years if it's cared for properly, so make sure to follow our tips to keep your product looking it’s best.

Every Stitch & Hide product is made using only premium, full grain vegetable tanned leathers. This environmentally friendly method of tanning dates back to ancient times and produces beautifully aged leather that is soft, smooth, durable and strong.

Renowned as one of the most environmentally friendly methods, vegetable tanning eliminates all harsh chemicals and preservatives in the tanning process. Instead, the vegetable tannins originate from organic materials such as chestnut, oak and tree bark, producing its natural colour and luxurious finish that gets better with age..

Tips for getting the best out of your leather products
Everyday occurrences such as aging, sunlight, humidity and general wear can take a toll on your leather products. Much like own own skin, leather needs to be moisturised and cared for to prevent it drying out or cracking. Proper care will help prevent this happening and protect your leather products for many years to come.

Stitch & Hide leather conditioner
Our  Australian made leather conditioner is formulated to nourish, preserve and protect your leather products.
Made from 100% natural ingredients our leather conditioner can be used to spot clean scratches, marks and stains or to the entire leather product to protect it from daily use. For best results, always spot test a small, inconspicuous area of your leather product before applying the Stitch & Hide leather conditioner to your new product.

Scratches are unavoidable on a daily basis. To treat scratches, rub the scratches gently with a small amount of the Stitch & Hide leather conditioner on a clean, dry cloth and leave to dry naturally, out of direct sunlight.

Marks and Stains
To remove dust, stains or dirt, first wipe down your leather bag, wallet, belt or clutch with a clean dry soft cloth. Next apply a light coat of Stitch & Hide Leather conditioner all over and leave to dry in natural air, out of direct sunlight. Repeat if required. Do not expose the product to high heat - e.g hair dryer or direct sunlight as this causes the leather hide to crinkle and dry out excessively)
Do not use water or soap. Chemicals from some soaps can ruin leather over time and excessive water can damage, shrink or change the appearance and overall structure of a leather product.

We love that our leather darkens in natural sunlight. However too much excessive sunlight can dry out the leather and weaken over time. To keep it looking its best for longer and to prevent it drying out, apply a small amount of our Stitch & Hide leather conditioner all over your leather product every few weeks (or as required) and leave to dry naturally, away from direct sunlight.

General Wear
If you use your leather wallet or bag daily, you will need to clean, nourish and condition it regularly to keep it looking it’s best. Harsh sunlight, temperature changes and scratches and stains can affect its life and longevity. Applying the Stitch & Hide leather conditioner to your leather products will clean, condition and protect the leather until the next time you need it. Repeat regularly as required.

Protect your Stitch & Hide leather bags, wallets and clutches by stuffing them with newspaper before storing them in our breathable cotton dust bag when not in use. Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight and humidity and make sure to air out regularly.

To celebrate the launch of our brand new Australian made Stitch & Hide leather conditioner, we are giving away a free leather conditioner with every order over AU$150 for one week only! Between 28th March - 4th April try our natural leather conditioner for yourselves and follow our tips to keep your leather looking like new.

Try out the new Australian Made Stitch & Hide leather conditioner today.

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