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Tropical Summer Holiday

Tropical Summer Holiday

Tropical Summer Holiday
Photoshoot day! The day to throw off all our administrative restraints and enjoy a glamorous day appreciating the fruits of our labour in the summer sun. And with tropical holidays in mind, this shoot was made all the sweeter!
Today was all about watching our latest range at play in its native environment. You can almost hear David Attenborough in the background, narrating their antics as they frolic across cafe tabletops mid-morning or repose on beach towels for the afternoon.
This year’s summer collection is about fresh bright colours, clean lines and handmade simplicity that is truly functional. The new Penni slimline leather wallet can hold a multitude of cards and cash whilst maintaining a crisp, streamlined look. The Hunter leather cardholder wallet is perfect for mustering those unruly loyalty cards, business cards and bankcards. Not only that, it makes a handy small wallet with everything organised and within easy reach. The Bodhi leather backpack in black is simplicity at its best. It’s a super practical, casual style - the perfect sidekick to a cruisy weekend.
Despite this being a day to really observe the range in its natural, sustainable and eco-friendly habitat (we're pretty sure National Geographic will be contacting us soon for the shots!), Cass Anderson was on hand to ensure they look their best. The team was fed and watered in style by The Belongil – these guys were on hand to provide amazing tropical breakfast options and soul restoring caffeinated beverages.
Thanks to one of our favourite photographers in town @tavoni | Featuring the gorgeous Jordan Hayes and Ben from BeYouSkate | Makeup by Spicy Melons | Styled by creatives Cass Anderson and Marlen Wolf and supported by Lauren Yule and Hilary Nightingale.

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