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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
Leather Lovers
The secret to catching eyes and hearts this Valentine’s Day is to give the gift of leather!
Valentine's day is internationally the Day of Love! Reminding us on the 14th of February each year to celebrate and appreciate all the things we love in our lives and to rejoice in the blessing of friendships & family.
But we get it! Life is busy! And getting that special gift + expressing exactly what you want to say is hard! So to make things easier on you, we’ve put together a his and hers comprehensive gift guide to make loving someone some leather this Val day, as easy as can be.
For the classy Lady
She’s classic, classy and loves luxury! Savvy and successful! Your valentine is organised and practical and has her hands full! Show her how much you appreciate her this Val day with our “Christina Wallet”.

 For the social butterfly
Your Valentine is the life of the party, the boss of the boardroom and full of edgy ideas with a lust for adventure! The “Alexa Bag” can’t be lived without for this personality! A sophisticated and practical addition to any wardrobe, which will conjurers as much attention in the office as it will outside.

 For the cool chic
Your Valentine is, sassy, sexy, laid back and loads of fun! Our “Malibu Clutch” is perfectly paired with her effortlessly, cool, calm, relaxed coastal charm and represents her effortless style and relaxed personality.

 For the youngster
Whimsical and determined with a passion for fashion, this valentine has a lust for life and eye for style! The “Bella Belt” is like having a little of your love wrapped around her! She will melt with thoughtfulness and romance of this gift. Add a “Lucy Pouch” in any fun colour to carry everything she needs.

 For the adventure guy
What do you get for the Valentine who has been everywhere and seems to have everything! This guy’s energy for life will ensure there’ll never be a dull moment! Think practical and natural like our “Webbing Belt”. Light and handy, durable and simple, this design has earnt itself a reputation as a Stitch & Hide classic. A favourite of many that embodies adventure & curiosity. Combined with the matching “Fred Wallet” - the perfect gift.

 For the business man
This babe means business! And you love his dedication, determination and strength of character. He’s bold, no fuss and efficient and our “Casper Wallet” reflects his stylish but practical needs.

 For the hipster
Your Valentine has his finger on the pulse! He’s a trend setter, a mover, a shaker and a dream maker! Think the “William Wallet”. Masculine and timeless, he’ll love the understated sleek design, to which he can add his own special touch.

 For the entrepreneur
Your entrepreneur valentine is efficient, organised and makes things happen! He’s a no fuss kind of guy who is practical and simple. He likes sleek, purposeful accessories and spends his days networking and liaising in team environments. The “Alfred Card Holder” is his dream come true! No more business cards through the washing machine, with that important number gone that’s going to be impossible to get back again!


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