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Splendour In The Grass: What's in your bag?

Splendour In The Grass: What's in your bag?
What’s in your festival bag?
Over the weekend 20 - 22 July 18, Australia celebrates one of its biggest music festivals in Byron Bay - Splendour In The Grass!
Before the much anticipated weekend, the girls at Stitch & Hide HQ have been lusting over what they'll be wearing, which Stitch & Hide bag they'll be using and the key essentials they will take with them.
Winter festivals are always more of a challenge especially in Bryon Bay. You need to prepare for all sorts of weather - hot sunny days, the possibility of heavy downfalls and when the temperature drops at sunset, you need to be well prepared and have all your trusty bits'n'bobs in your bag!
We are thrilled to share a snapshot of our festival style and our favourite leather bags and accessories that we will be taking over the festival weekend.
Our collection includes festival fashion must-haves, from leather bags, backpacks, wallets, purses, clutches, bum bags and belts for him and her.
Each available in an array of colours and beautiful leather to finish your festival style to absolute perfection.
To get yourself prepared and festival ready, the S&H girls have emptied the contents of their festival bags to give you an idea of what they take to Splendour in the Grass 2018.  
Lauren - Sales & Operations Manager
Stays organised and well prepared with the Alexa satchel bag
Her essentials: water, sunnies, Lucy pouch with cash, cards and coins, make-up including lip balm, keys, phone, mints, tissues, hat, scarf, Berocca, Panadol and sunscreen
“I love to have my essentials with me and on me at all times. The Alexa bag is big enough to carry all my goodies and wearing cross body allows me to keep my hands free while I dance the day and night away to my favourite tunes”

Marlen - Creative & Marketing Manager
Travel hands-free with the Bailey hip bag
Her essentials: sunnies, limes, lighter, our Hendrix leather wallet, hair elastic, phone, carmex, hand sanitiser
‘’The Bailey bag is the perfect accessory for my little bits that I carry around all day at a festival without losing a thing’’
Melissa - Administration & Operations Assistant
Chic and comfy with the Willow backpack
Her essentials: headscarf, mac lipstick, phone, Panadol, deodorant, Shelly pouch with cash and ID, brush, knit sweater 
“I like to be prepared and have all my layers stuffed in my Willow backpack ready for the cold evening waiting for the next acts on stage”
Nisha - Production Assistant
Dances in style with the Venice cross body bag
Her essentials: glitter, fizzy sweets, phone, eyeliner and mascara, hair scrunchie, money, hoop earrings, face wipes, tissues, bikini
“I start the day with my hair down and jewelled up but these slowly get put away in my Venice bag and out comes the scrunchie and fizzy sweets as the night gets on.”
Matisse - Marketing Intern
Always prepared with the Riley Messenger Bag
Her essentials: analog film camera, Paiget wallet, mini perfume, lip balm, notebook, pen, phone
“I take snaps of the music and crowd all day long so the Riley keeps my camera, notebook and all other essentials in easy reach when I need it”

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