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Every Stitch & Hide tells a story

Every Stitch & Hide tells a story
Uncovering the beauty of Stitch & Hide’s eco-certified leather accessories.
How good is ‘worn in’ leather…. the softness, the unique markings, scars and yes wrinkles… aging gracefully is beautiful!
Each piece tells a story. We love to share life’s precious moments with our friends and family.
Over time and with use, our full grain leather ages with style taking your piece from fabulously new to magically improved.
Leather goods are timeless essentials intended to be your companion for years to come. The ageing process of leather can take some time but after a while, you’ll be rewarded with a gorgeous patina making your piece unique to you. The aging of leather can be an organic process… but just let ‘life’ happen to it and watch it evolve. It’s soooo good!
Check out some of our customers much-loved bags, wallets and clutches. How good do the ‘before and after’ shots look!
The world is in your hand’s folks. Get out and map your life’s adventures taking a little piece of leather goodness wherever you go.
Shop our Byron Bay leather goods today!
The Billy wallet is unreal. For such a compact wallet I can load it up and it still sits nice and flat. I carry a heap of cards, cash, loose change plus a house key in the zip pocket. The more I use it, it's becoming more vintage with a really cool used feel. (Jake W)
My Cassie in maple comes everywhere with me! The perfect clutch for my everyday duties and easily transforms into my night time clutch for cocktails with the girls. The wrist strap also adds another handsfree way to hold it especially when dancing on the dancefloor. My clutch is looking better from the day I bought it if I’m honest. I get so many lovely comments on it. (Ingrid)
I can't believe how many cards I get into my Casper wallet. My driver’s licence is easy to see through the ID window and the change pocket for my coins has a flap so they don't spill. I like the finish of the wallet to. I’ve taken Casper on so many road strips up and down the coast and I’ve even lost it in the sand only to return the next day to find it in the same spot – lucky! (Sam C.)
I love the design of my Malibu clutch. The right angle opening makes it easy to access the bag vs. other clutches with just a top zipper design. Of course, the leather is so soft - a Stitch& Hide quality product. (Frances C.)
This wallet is ingenious! I've never had a wallet that could hold all my cards until I bought this Henry wallet. My wife reckons I need to cull?! I’m a tradie so he’s seen some rough days but it’s still kicking on. The leather is starting to soften and moulding to the shape of my butt – but aging well, just like me. Very cool! (Steve S)
My Hamburg backpack has ramped up its frequent flyer points over the past year… it’s the perfect everyday bag for me. Room for my phone, headphones, wallet, makeup bag, water bottle and even my 13inch MacBook Air – winning! The Hamburg backpack sits comfortably on my back with adjustable straps giving me hands-free for more on-the-go adventures. I keep my backpack in good condition with a nice leather conditioner. I want this bag to last forever! (Michelle)
I used to change my wallet every few months because I could never find one I was completely happy with. I’ve had the Hendrix for about 2 years now and it’s the best wallet I’ve ever owned. The leather takes on it’s own patina over time and it looks even better now than it did when I bought it. Holds just the right amount of cards and there’s still space for a bit of cash if you still use it. Amazing quality leather and zip and I love the tartan lining on one side. (Tom)
I use Lucy as my everyday wallet. I have a fetish. This is my 4th Lucy but Sage is my favourite. My Lucy is just darn handy – such a good size to put in my backpack for gym or beach and for my handbag when I go out at night. (Bonnie G)
I’m not a fan of carrying coins, that’s what my centre console is for. A handful of cards and a few notes is all I need to get me through the day. The contrast stitching is a nice touch – giving just the right amount of style needed for an otherwise simple wallet. Well-worn and aging beautifully. (Brodie)
I take Bailey absolutely everywhere! Even when using a bigger bag, I always have my primary essentials in Bailey as it feels safe closer to my body and easy to reach into. I can get all my essentials in from my wallet, phone, lip balm, keys to Panadol and band aids. I love that I can rock it with different looks and wear it with anything. Sometimes wearing it dressed up gives me a casual chic look that I love. I’m a leather addict so cannot wait to see how this wears over next year or more. (A.F.)
Few cards, few notes, wrapped in a bit of leather – what more could I need? Stripped back but full of character. Had this wallet for 5 years now and it’s only got better with time! The buttons are great. The colour has aged even better and it’s leather has softened. It’s been bashed around and it’s still getting better. (Reuben)
I usually take my Venice bag to special occasions such as lunches or drinks or on my nights out for dinner or the club as it as the perfect amount of space when I want to carry the minimum. My go-to items include the usual ‘girls on the go’ style pieces. The washed leather worn in look make it look stylish and the petrol colour is a winner! It’s a good change from my usual staple black. Since I purchased the bag, it has gone darker but I don’t mind that at all. (Erica)
For the amount of times I sit on my wallet, Hugo prevails. For the past 4 years, Hugo has become my mate – we’ve been through thick and thin – breakups and dog chews n all. He’s a dead set legend! (Joel S)
The Willow backpack is beautifully crafted and has a premium feel. The design makes it easy to access its contents, and that's not always the case with backpacks. Inside there are enough compartments and pockets for all my necessities. And it sits so comfortably on my back that I forget it's there. The Willow backpack is my new favourite bag. (Tara B.)
My William wallet gets me around town. It’s lived everywhere from my back pocket to the foot well of my car – and it shows. Time and tough lovin’ has worn this guy down to a soft and supple number.
 I like the zip around to keep all my cards and cash secure. Can’t fault it. My William has softened up over the past 10 months and the leather colour has darkened which I’m liking this affect. (Tim)
My Cassie in ivory is a great in-between if you need more than a wallet but don’t want to carry a bag. I like to travel light with only my essentials. Everywhere I go, Cassie goes. She’s dressed me up for work functions, taken me out for nights on the town or shopping my girls. The internal card slots are handy and I even have room for my lipstick, powder, keys, phone and money. She’s getting softer by day too! (Jackie)
Noah was what I was looking for as I don’t carry around other than what I need. This slimline cardholder suits me to a tee. I’m pretty rough with my wallet but after years of living in my back pocket, it’s aged really well. (Paul)
This washed leather bag is soft and I love the vintage-look. I bought the Berlin bag last year as I was on the hunt for an everyday bag and a bag that could take me from beach walks in LA to city trips in Berlin and adventures in Sri Lanka. Taking the bag around the world made it age really well. (Jade C.)
I’ve misplaced my wallet more times that I should but thankfully my trusty Paiget always seems to return. I’ve had this wallet for about 2 years now and gets me from A-B. She’s had wine spilt on her, she’s been rained upon and even had a little baby spew (eek!) but she continues to survive. (Sarah B)

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