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5 Minutes with Alexz Parvi – HUSTL

5 Minutes with Alexz Parvi – HUSTL
Meet Alexz – a Canadian-born pocket rocket who specialises in group fitness, circuit HIIT, mat and barre Pilates. This bright and bubbly beauty is a knowledgeable trainer, a motivated business woman and all-round legend keeping those in the Bay fit, happy and healthy.
Tell us a little bit about yourself
My name is Alexz, I am 29 years old and Canadian. I’m a very loud and bouncy little human that loves to take naps. I have called Byron Bay home for the last 8 years and it is now also the stomping ground to my first official Pilates Studio called HUSTL.

How did you come about starting up Hustl? Why did you decide to become a fitness trainer? What enjoyment do you get out of it?
I have dreamed of my own studio for a good five years and been working on opening one for the last three. I have worked in this industry for a long time now. I had never been to a gym that I was overly obsessed about and being a perfectionist I just thought if I can't find one, well then I'm going to create one!

I decided to be a fitness trainer when I was 16 - it was my dream job. I worked in a gym as a cleaner and dreamed about training. I slowly worked my way up. Training is an obsession and passion of mine. I love challenging people and also showing them a strength they are not aware they have.

People think being a trainer is about making people fit. The longer I have been in this industry, I have realised being fit actually has nothing to do with it. It's about inspiring others, about showing vulnerability and allowing strength. It's about supporting and motivating people to do different, to be different. If they think they are getting stronger, that's wonderful, but if you're a good trainer you will be adding a lot more to their lives than just stronger muscles.

How important is nutrition in one’s fitness program? Any hot tips?
I hate this question. If you went through my inbox you would see thousands of these unopened. Nutrition is fitness. Fitness is nutrition. If you want results, you have to eat for them. If you're eating for them, you have to train for them.

A lot of people will come asking for a simple little trick, and to be honest, it's written everywhere, they just choose not to believe it. If you get a meal plan written up, not a diet, a meal plan that reflects your training and you stick with it, like really stick to it, you will watch your entire body change.

While we are still navigating through isolation, how do you keep your clients motivated?
I like to think I stay quite active with all my clients via social media. I try not to paint this perfect picture because there are enough people doing that. Isolation has been hard on everyone and I think it's nice to be honest and show the ways it has affected people too.

I mean right now I am still in my pyjamas eating birthday cake for breakfast and it’s 2pm! When life changes it's okay to allow yourself to adapt too. I still train with my clients every morning at 7:30am and throughout weekends but I also think it's important to motivate with a bit of normality so we all don't lose our sanity in this quarantine.

As a Byron Bay local, what are your top 5 favourite spots?
Ummm are you trying to get me killed? Let’s just say as a Byron Bay local there are many favourites but here is a glimpse of a few…
Little Wategos at sunset
Lighthouse walk at sunrise
Christmas Beach, Brunswick Heads
Top Shop for acai bowls
Barrio for salads
Your nickname: Lezx
Can’t live without: Popcorn
Bucket list holiday: Sleeping and never having to wake up
Guilty pleasure: My Stitch & Hide bag
Phobia: Loud chewing
Get inspired folks! Follow Alexz on Instagram - @hustl._ or book one of her next classes at Hustl -

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