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Washed Leather Collection

Washed Leather Collection

Just like our vegetable tanned leather goods get better with age, so too do our collections.
Our Washed Leather Collection is inspired by classic and vintage styles that are enriched with a wealth of inspiration from around the globe. Our staff come from all over the world therefore we celebrate our heritage and our designs are influenced by this.
Having a global appeal gives us insight from different cultures and new trends allowing us to continually create and evolve.
Our modern vintage washed leather bags, leather clutches and leather wallets will add a little high end yet affordable fashion into your world.
Did you know that each collection is name after cities or famous beaches? To date, our Washed Leather campaigns have taken us to Los Angeles, Sydney and Berlin. Where to next?
Washed leather is pretty much how it sounds – leather that’s been put through a washing treatment. In order to create our distinctly worn in look, our finished leather goods are soaked in water to soften them up. Afterwards they are placed in tumblers which start the distressing process. Each bag, clutch or wallet tumbles around as they dry, leaving each piece uniquely creased and crinkled. Finally, our makers finish them by hand, hammering them back into shape and giving them a wax over with a natural conditioner to set the pigment and complete the look.
The globally influenced collection in soft, washed leather, from our Byron Bay HQ is available now.

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