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Leather and Denim Love Story

Leather and Denim Love Story


Leather & Denim Love Story

Photography: @_carlybrownphotography_

Styling: @marisasidoti

Models: @kelseymartinovich and @josechevzales

Hair and Makeup: @angiebarto

Joe and Kelsey Dressed by: @goddessofbabylon and @ourcornerstore

Video: @lockiemarley

Location: @thefarmatbyronbay

Inspired by the amazing landscapes of The Farm, organic textures, and the simplicity of Leather and Denim. It’s a quintessentially Stitch & Hide take on this knockout combination and reaffirms that great things really do come in pairs. Leather and Denim is a material match made in heaven.

The Shoot:

We set out to capture in pictures the vision we had whilst in the designing phase of the Stitch & Hide range. It was fantastic to see them fully materialise on this day! Our inspiration was to work with denim particularly, as we felt our leather styles and colours were complimented by denim just the way we envisioned it to be. For us, this shoot really was a case of bringing our dreams to life, so it’s incredibly special.

We also wanted to add another dimension, allowing everyone to peer into the art of leatherwork, the tools, and the process. We wanted you to see the raw beginnings to finished product and everything in between. This shoot takes you on that journey with us, where you see all stages and the philosophy of the craft.

The Team:

We wanted to work with Carly and Marisa as they are such a formidable team! We thought they’d work amazingly well together... and yes... did they ever!!! With their insane styling and photography skills, they kept the simplicity of the Stitch aesthetic but didn’t lose the richness in texture, both of the leather grain, and the landscape of The Farm.

Our amazing models Kelsey and Joe were such a joy to be around! They took the Leather and Denim Love story and ran with it, and had so much fun along the way. Leather and Denim on a hot day – absolute troopers.

Joe and Kelsey were made up by the super talented @angiebarto who kept it natural – love your work. Lockie, the guy behind the lens, lent his cinematography magic touch to create some stunning footage and a huge thank you goes to @ourcornerstore and @goddessofbabylon for the accessories and dressing our stunning models in that Denim we all love.

The Location:

We were able to incorporate the amazing landscapes and surroundings of The Farm, Byron Bay. What an incredible, vibrant place with so many settings from farmhouse to dirt roads and tractors!

We’ve always loved working with nature and naturally aged buildings, cars and relics. The Farm was the perfect location to bring these all together and watch the Leather and Denim Love Story come to life.

The Farm also brings that philosophy of ethical, sustainable production that we also hold in the highest regard.


This shoot gives everyone a glimpse into our imaginations, totally exposing everything the Stitch & Hide label is about, both aesthetically and philosophically. We hope you dig it, we had such an epic day.

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