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Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Introducing The Team

The bustling Stitch & Hide HQ in Byron Bay sees the team working across various roles in Design, Marketing, Production and Sales. If you are in the vicinity, you can often hear our contagious laughter echoing over the office courtyard balcony. We usually come together over pizza or a G&T to brainstorm new designs and ideas before they come to life!

We thought it would be nice to introduce each member of the management team and put a face to the name. We will let you in on what happens behind the brand, what we actually get up to in the office and our lives outside work in what feels like paradise in Byron Bay.



Marlen (Schatzi)

Originating from Germany, Marlen is the longest standing member of Stitch & Hide based in Byron Bay and the head of creative, making the big decisions across design and marketing.

What’s your role at Stitch & Hide?

Creative & Marketing Director

What does a typical day look like in the office for you?
There is never a typical day as such. Every day is different and that’s what I love about the role. I’m often working on marketing campaigns for upcoming collections, scheduling and creating content for our social media platforms, designing newsletters and print materials plus updating the website.
I also work closely with Nisha controlling the production side of the business, planning our yearly collections and watching stock levels so we never run out of our best-selling leather goods... at least we try ;) Twice a year we travel to India to meet the Indian production team and work on making our new designs come to life.
On the more exciting and creative days, I take time to design new products, organise and supervise photo shoots or plan events... like our 5th birthday party this September.

What was your background before starting Stitch & Hide?
I’ve always been creative and have been interested in fashion and design. I studied graphic design in Germany and learnt about photography, working on many different shoots. The last years I was in Germany, I was working for a well-known fashion company in the marketing department, which gave me the experience and knowledge I need for my job now.

Fave Stitch & Hide Product?
I’m in love with our Washed Leather Collection. The Washed Leather Collection has a uniquely worn look and I like that it’s so casual and easy to wear with everything. I pretty much have every item from that collection! My favourite right now is the Venice Bag. It’s a small bag, but it fits everything I need and is easy to keep organised due to all the different compartments inside and out.

What do you get up to outside off work?
I usually start every day with personal training or F45 to get my exercise done before work. After work I like to enjoy the sun, go to the beach, for the lighthouse walk or watch the sunset with friends. There is so much to do outdoors in Byron - I can’t wait for the longer summer nights to enjoy more of this. 
Sometimes I hit town with the girls for a few drinks at the Rails or cocktail at The Balcony. But usually I prefer a chilled weekend night, going camping or having bonfire and a couple of drinks at home.

What drew you to Byron Bay?
I’m originally from Germany but I went travelling all over Australia 10 years ago. Australia is so different to Germany - the weather, the beaches, the people, especially Byron Bay. When I stopped here whilst backpacking I fell in love with this town and always knew I’m coming back one day. So, I did! After working and saving for a few years in Germany, I came back to Byron and never left – I have now been here for over 6 years and many more to come.

Top Spot in Byron Bay?
Coming from a cold country like Germany you don’t get to spent as much time outdoors as you do here. There are so many beautiful beaches and waterfalls around this town, you never get sick of it.
I also like good food and cocktails. The Balcony is probably an old-time favourite for both. There are so many new good places popping up in Byron Bay all the time.

What’s on your bucket list?
I love travelling… this will always be one of my favourite things to do. I just got back from a trip to LA and Portland. Watching the sunset over the ocean in LA was amazing. The next spots on my bucket list are Portugal and the Philippines. Two so completely different in destination… I can’t wait to drink Portuguese wine in one of the historical bars in Lisbon and explore the tropical Islands in the Philippines by boat.


Lauren (Lozza)

Swapping the Sydney city lifestyle for a laid-back lifestyle in Byron Bay, Lauren joined Stitch & Hide 3 years ago and manages the Wholesale, Sales and Operations across the brand.

What is your role at Stitch & Hide?
Sales & Operations Director

When did you join Stitch & Hide?
I joined Stitch & Hide in September 2015. 3 years so far and loving it!
What was your background before starting Stitch & Hide?
Before I moved to the Northern Rivers, I lived in Sydney and worked for a magazine publisher. I worked as a marketing manager on a weekly magazine for 12 years. I moved up here 5 years ago and was working in a similar role to what I do now for a local fashion and home wares company.

What does a typical day look like in the office for you?
My role and day are varied which I enjoy. Small business means juggling and multitasking! I do anything from managing our sales agents in Australia and NZ, manage and oversee wholesale accounts and relationships, drive sales to achieve targets and budgets, reporting, identify new business ops, organise trade shows, picking and packing of orders, customer service to office admin.

Fave Stitch & Hide Product?
Ooh tough decision. Right now, it has to be the Darcy wallet in our Signature Collection and Avalon bag from the Washed Leather Collection. Darcy is the perfect wallet for function and style and my phone fits making it a mini clutch on the go! The Avalon bag is not too big or too small and sits really nice on the body. Handy access pockets for all my bits n bobs.

What do you think the future holds for Stitch & Hide?
Onwards and upwards! We continue to increase the number of collections that encourage a wide appeal for the young and older. Our goods are now stocked across the globe in Australia, New Zealand and the USA. Plus, we have a growing retail website.
Our passionate team are committed to continually improving our product offering - we take all customer feedback on board to make sure we produce exactly what they want - plus we continue to reduce our environmental footprint for our business. Our fab sales agents, who we work very closely with, are also great brand ambassadors who help continue to push the S&H love.

If you could choose one word to describe Stitch & Hide, what would it be?
Customer focused (oops two!) - we like to think we are a friendly and approachable business that endeavours to look after not only our staff but also our customers and our stockists. Customers are an important part of our business and we wouldn’t be here without them.
We have an awesome team who work hard every day but we also laugh every single day. The people we hire reflect what our business stands for - real, honest, approachable and we are one happy bunch of quirky personalities. We hope this resonates with our customers and they too enjoy this fun journey with us.

What do you get up to outside off work?
I play soccer and do outdoor fitness a few times a week. I love to socialise with friends over a cocktail or two and I enjoy exploring all the beautiful places Byron Bay and surrounding areas has to offer.

Top Spot in Byron Bay?
So many good spots – the lighthouse walk, BBQ at Wategos beach, whale and dolphin watching from anywhere! Dining in at local cafes and restaurants eg. The Balcony, The Mez Club, Treehouse on Belongil or Miss Margarita to name only a few. I also like to explore beyond Byron to visit Brunswick Heads or Bangalow, Doma Café in Federal, walk/run Lennox Head to Boulders Beach headland, brekkie at The Belle General in East Ballina, visit local art gallery’s plus go to local markets to stock up on fresh produce.

What’s on your bucket list?
Learn to play the guitar and definitely travel more. Where to? Too many to list! But would love to walk the Milford track in NZ.


Nisha (Nishy)

Originally from the fast-paced cosmopolitan city of London and now residing in the cruisy Byron Bay, Nisha has been working alongside Marlen in the creative team at Stitch & Hide over the last year.

What is your role at Stitch & Hide?
Production Manager

What do you love most about your job?
I love that any two days are never the same. Being in a small team we support each other where we can. I could be working on customer service one day or ensuring the quality of the new collection is technically sound the next. Helping style the next photo shoots or brainstorming next years drops and new leather colours with Marlen. I also adore the team, we are a little family in Stitch & Hide and we work, laugh and play hard every day of the week.

What does a typical day look like in the office for you?
Getting into work at 9am, load my emails to answer and problem-solve production questions in order to get our styles moving. If there are technical specs to be drawn up, I use Illustrator, ensuring all fine details are outlined. I then usually sit down with Marlen in the arvo to go over next collections and creative ideas to forward plan the next year coming!

What was your background before starting Stitch & Hide?
I have a technical background after working in QC and Fabric Technology for a well-known high street company in London before moving to Australia. The roles here are pretty different to London, and I started working in a busy but exciting Production & Design role for a couple of big Byron Bay brands before Stitch & Hide stole my heart!

How long have you been a part of the company?
I still consider myself a newbie even though I have been working here for 1 year. Time definitely flies when you are having fun!

Fave Stitch & Hide Product?
I have honestly never owned so many beautiful leather products in my life before starting at S&H! My fave right now is the Shelly Pouch in black – it’s small enough to fit my cards, coins plus my eyeliner and lippy. Plus, it’s such a cool new style! I also don’t go anywhere without my Betty Bag, it truly is a Mary Poppin’s bag as it fits all my everyday essentials in with heaps of space still free.

What drew you to Byron Bay?
I had always envisioned myself living by the beach. Coming over to Australia in 2013, I landed in Byron Bay after a road trip up from Melbourne and staying with besties who lived nearby. I never dreamt I would get a job here in paradise – but it happened!

Top Spot in Byron Bay?
The Bolt Hole Whisky Bar has a London Shoreditch grungy vibe, so it’s my go to when I need a city fix and some pretty tasty cocktails.  

What’s on your bucket list?
Skydiving over Byron Bay and snorkeling near Julian Rocks is high up on my Bucket List for Byron Bay. Plus taking a trip to Tokyo to see the cherry blossom festival and eat some amazing food.   


Jasmine (Jaz)

A personal trainer plus customer service extraordinaire, Jaz is our newest recruit and already getting stuck into role.

What is your role at Stitch & Hide?
Retail Manager

What was your background before starting Stitch & Hide?
I am the owner of ‘Live Laugh Lunge’ my Personal Training / Health Coaching business, over the past 8 years. I work with training, nutrition and diet and still train clients every morning before work at Stitch & Hide.
I also manage my property in SA. (holiday rentals) from here in Byron. It’s never dull!

What does a typical day look like in the office for you?
I come into the office around 10am and the girls always greet me with a big smile and something funny for me to laugh at before I sit down to check my emails.
After addressing customer queries (whilst sipping my morning Long Black), I then get the S&H goods on the way to its new owners. Picking out the orders, packing and posting. After doing online orders I usually start the bigger wholesale orders to get them invoiced and sent out.
We sit on the balcony in the sunshine for a quick lunch and a little banter to get the energy heightened going into the afternoon. I then address any lose ends from the morning, more emails and wholesale orders. When I finish my day I quickly get into my gym gear for my own training or hit the surf for a few waves before the day is over!

Fave Stitch & Hide Product?
Ohhhh, there are SO many! I think my Emma Tote is my favourite. I have it in black - it is refined, yet classic and simple. I also love the Washed Leather Collection especially the Bondi wallet in petrol - casual with a little grunge vibe coming from the colour.

How do you switch off after work?
Training, always! And the beach, my life ambition is to be a mermaid… every week I get a little closer! I also love to surf, or head into the hinterland to explore waterfalls or go for a hike. I also take photos, a lot of photos!

What drew you to Byron Bay?
The beautiful beach! Byron also has this ‘vibe’ that you cannot quite describe, it has a powerful energy that drew me in over 6 years ago and I have just never left!
Top Spot in Byron Bay?
Sitting atop my surfboard at Wategos on sunrise, it’s got the most incredible view you’ve ever seen. There are always dolphins and turtles, and if you are lucky you can see whales too! As you look back to the shore, the light hits the trees and you can see the iconic Byron Lighthouse sitting atop the hill, it’s pretty special, it still takes my breathe away…

What’s on your bucket list?
I want to travel the world.
Buy an island.
Soak in the sun on a yacht sipping champagne.
Meet as many people from different places and cultures, to understand their way of thinking… what makes them tick… what inspires them.
However, at the moment I would have to say top of my list is to surf in Sri Lanka and go visit my friend who currently works over there!

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