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Pastel Sky

Pastel Sky
Pastel Sky - Our New Limited Edition
We are excited to announce our newest Stitch & Hide Limited Edition series. Always attempting to surprise you with new
Stitch & Hide offerings, we have something special on the horizon for you again!
The soft lilac and stormy blue palette was inspired by the setting sun kissing the ocean as night falls, creating beautiful pastel dusk tones. With the introduction of these two special soft and dusty tones comes the newest addition to the Stitch & Hide family - The Asher Pouch.
Asher is available in lilac, storm blue and of course, classic black.
For all of you who know our Lucy pouch, Asher is her big sister!

With an extra pocket on the front and a divider wall inside so you can keep your cards and cash separate from your mobile phone or sunglasses, Asher is the perfect way to casually carry all the essentials a girl needs.
"Asher is an easygoing yet quirky kid with just a touch of punk about her. With a somewhat secretive persona, she compartmentalises her life so that no one ever seems to have the whole picture. Her air of mystery draws people to her and her casual nature keeps them coming back for more."
For those familiar with our bestselling Cassie Clutch, she is also now available in our two new shades (lilac and storm blue), in addition to all the favourites.
Carry your Asher pouch or Cassie clutch on their own or as your go-to wallet in your handbag for easy day to night transformation.
Special thanks to Cassie Anderson who styled and shot this beautiful range

Blog written by Zoe Wechter

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