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5 Min With: Seaside The Band

5 Min With: Seaside The Band
5 min with Darcy from Seaside
It was our pleasure to recently collaborate with local legends “Seaside” the band, featuring two of their latest hits on our Signature Collection videos.
Emerging from the sparkling waters of Byron Bay, this four piece is comprised of members
Darcy – Vocals/Synth
Brady – Guitar
Tom – Bass
Chris – Drums
Making waves in the local region and beyond, we love their indie dream pop vibes and took five minutes with lead singer Darcy to learn more about what makes her tick, what inspires her, and of course ! What she carries in her bag!
Tell us a little bit about the band and how you met:
Well, we all come from different music backgrounds and from different places around the country!. I’m originally from Byron Bay, Chris is from the Central Coast, Tom from Brisbane and Brady from Victoria. Tom and I have been friends for around 9 years, Chris and I have been together for 5 years and he met Brady through working at the local Byron music store. From there we decided to start Seaside !
What’s your daily mantra:
Stay positive - always positive.
Life can deal you good and bad cards, but it’s how you choose to see a situation that can determine the outcome ! There are definitely days where I lapse on this, but I always come back to the same thought that I’m extremely blessed to live the life I do.
What cant you live without:
My dog and the ocean!
What do you feel most proud of:
I’m so proud of so many things we have achieved as a band, but I would have to say being played multiple times on triple j was a big highlight for me, also the long car rides and fly in-fly out shows (they’ve been super testing).
What are three things to tick off your bucket list:
To see the Northern Lights, drink a cocktail on the beach in Mexico and own a property big enough to adopt heaps of animals !
What inspires you:
I’m inspired by other people’s stories. We all live at the same time, on the same planet but experience so many different things- I love hearing love stories or about adventures from people, especially strangers. I’m really moved by those kinds of things and will often write songs inspired by them.
What do you carry in your bag:
My wallet (if I haven’t lost it, which I constantly do). My phone, moisturiser (it’s a must), swimmers- you never know when you’ll want a swim and mascara, always! I actually have a Stitch & Hide backpack and it fits everything I need in there !!
To hear more from “Seaside” or catch them live, you can find all their details at:
Spotify:  Seaside
Facebook: Seaside - band
Instagram: heyseaside
And for all bookings, Please contact Braydon Ritson: 

Blog written by Zoe Wechter

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