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Road To Myanmar

Road To Myanmar

Imagine being in a place where time stood still....where every person you cross paths with has a story to share. Imagine a place where streets are still paved by hand, and homes are woven by those same hands. This is a place where the relationship with the land, earth, sky and water are as strong as the relationships between people.

This place is Myanmar. I went there with my Stitch and Hide CASSIE Clutch in Burnt Orange, exploring… and explore we did! From temple to pagoda, Yangon to Mandalay and Bagan, the countryside was full of beautiful smiling people. We drove through fields and paddocks as far as the eye could see. Farmers toiled in the sun in their rice paddies. In Bagan there were more temples, pagodas and stupas than one could ever imagine. Even in the thousands of years they had to build them, it’s still mind-blowing to be in the presence of ancient places of worship and culture, all with their own story and divinity.

Myanmar is predominantly Buddhist. Many people believe in karma. What you give out to the universe is what you receive back. It was a refreshing change from the consumerism and ego-centric thinking of the Western World. The rust-coloured robes of the monks, and the pink clad Buddhist nuns embody the minimalistic belief in giving up all materialistic needs, even their hair, to find nirvana through suffering.

Unsurprisingly, they seemed happier than most people I had come in contact with all over the world in the past two years of travelling. They led simple lives waking before dusk, studying Buddha's teachings, receiving their meals through donations, talking, meditating, and educating themselves on how to become better people - like the Buddha.

This simple, minimalistic yet beautiful way of life taught me more about the kind of person I want to be, and the kind of style I want to have. Stitch & Hide wallets, belts and clutches fit perfectly into this philosophy, experiencing the beauty and simplicity that life has to offer.

Even the Buddhist nuns also thought Stitch & Hide was a thing of beauty! ;)

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